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Silent Asylum

Silent Asylum is a horror video game that disregards genre conventions. The protagonist is imprisoned in an eerie parallel dimension filled with terrifying monsters. However, rather than fleeing in fear, the player can actually harm the enemies. Players need to explore the abandoned building and search for an exit.

How to play the Silent Asylum?

The object is to find the ten keys needed to open the exit door. They are carefully concealed all over the property. Make sure to properly inspect each room and corridor. To move, crouch, crawl, and jump, press WASD, CTRL, C, and Space, respectively. The mouse cursor is used to aim and left-clicking is used to fire. Use the F button to pick up extra weapons and supplies. The wheel can be scrolled to change between firearms. Attempt to engage the abominations from a distance without allowing them to get near. Stay alive and leave the wicked realm through whatever means necessary.

Similar products of equivalent quality are frequently quite expensive. Free to play and providing hours of enjoyment, spine-tingling thrills, and thrilling gunplay is Silent Asylum. Without downloading anything, open it with any current web browser. Face unfathomable horrors and enjoy using powerful weapons to defeat them.


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