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Siren Head

Siren Head is the title of a horror survival game based on Trevor Henderson's artwork. The objective of the game is to win a monster pursuit by exploring the forests. Siren Head, which was created and built by Modus Interactive, features an original layout, retro-style graphics, and a fun pursuit sequence. A forest warden who has been hunting for a missing hiker is the protagonist. To remain alive, you must decipher the clues before midnight. With the Siren Head download, you may enjoy the game's iconic visuals and sounds while embarking on a thrilling and exciting adventure. The game is not overly terrifying, but it keeps you engaged in the forest ranger's journey. 


This is a treat for fans of retro graphics because of its understated elegance.

In contrast, Siren Head has fantastic aural effects. They succeed marvelously in creating the ideal ambiance. The sound effects, whether you listen to the music or the world around you, are what really sell the dramatic nature of the motions.

How to play

As with most Windows games, W, A, S, and D can be used to control movement. By default, Shift enables running, while the right mouse button enables forest exploration. Multiple hints are provided during the game, which can be examined or disregarded. After a while, the trail becomes restrictive, linear, and monotonous.

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